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Sheridan Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is extremely popular right now because it is supposedly free. However, that is not the case. Social Media Marketing requires a large investment of time, writing and ideally advertising spend. Facebook offers one of the most advanced targeting systems for marketing today – with filters for marital status, income, gender, child ages and more. It allows you to specifically target your demographic, and get great results.

Facebook Marketing Sheridan, WY

Facebook is the prime location for most businesses on social media. A huge chunk of the world is on Facebook, including people in your area. We will help you identify your prime demographic, and create a social strategy focusing on generating more customers from that group. This typically includes posts, pictures video and advertising. We will also work with you to create landing pages on your website to better control the experience that you offer to customers. We want to help you convert people from Facebook to your door.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram can be a great medium for fashion, service and fitness organizations. The medium allows for a visual demonstration of the brand, and to create visual storytelling. This medium is also one of the easiest to get into because it is basically just posting pictures to Instagram. Of course, there is more to it, and we will help you take advantage of that.

YouTube Marketing

Video is one of the best mediums alive today. The combination of visual and audio into one marketing mediums allows you to communicate and impact many more people. We will help you create a Youtube strategy focused on building a following, as well as taking advantage of the natural great SEO rankings that Youtube often gets.

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